Bedroom solutions

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Care Design

For wheelchair users we have designed and manufactured a range of bedroom furniture which is much easier to use than standard furniture and which incorporates a number of very special features.

As with our kitchen units we manufacture these products and hence they are available in a wide range of finishes. All are delivered assembled hence reducing labour requirements in the home. We do however state that all units must be securely fixed to the wall by the purchaser or their agent.

Wardrobes – Bedroom solutions


The wardrobes come in four widths, from 500mm to 1000mm, all have pull down pivoted hanging rails and bi-fold doors to ease access, two models have drawers and shelves and two others have a lower fixed rail.

Chests of Drawers – Bedroom solutions

downloadThe drawer units again come in four widths and are specially made to stand 795mm high. The drawers have steel runners for extra strength. By the addition of worktop, also available from ourselves, two units can be linked together to make a dressing table with wheelchair access.
A bedside cabinet is available which is 500mm wide and has one drawer with an open shelf area below, this item is not shown but the model number is DT5.

As with our kitchen units to suit your specific needs we are able to make most of these items in sizes which are not our standard ones, if you would like to know if we can assist please do not hesitate to ask.

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Bathroom Solutions

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Undoubtedly, the standard bathroom is designed with the standard user in mind i.e. able bodied and healthy. All too often though, the design process ignores the physical disabilities of potential users resulting in a bathroom environment that hinders instead of helps.

A bathroom in rented accommodation or in a property which may be suitable for an elderly or disabled user benefits greatly from a layout that is suitable for any user regardless of their abilities and reflects both good planning and good financial sense.

Care Design recognise the importance of this and promote a range of high quality products which offer flexibility and independence to the frail or disabled user. With our help and a little forward thinking at the design stage it is possible to avoid expensive alterations later.

Our products not only utilise space efficiently, but also provide durable support without compromising on style.

With our knowledge of building and architectural design and a thorough and sensitive understanding of mobility problems we have become an essential link between the design process and the end user.

The product range incorporates most of the items which you would usually find in a special needs bathroom and a small selection of these items are shown here, full details are shown in our literature which can be requested by phoning us or completing the enquiry page on this site.


For use either in the bathroom or cloakroom the Carewell Document M package complies with Building Regulations and can be supplied as a pack that is especially useful for public cloakrooms or as individual items for use in a bathroom where a larger washbasin may be needed.

The Multiclin fits most toilets and replaces the seat. When connected to the cold water and electricity supply, to be carried out by a qualified electrician and plumber, it provides a toilet seat that also acts as a bidet and blow dryer, ideal for people with limited mobility. Very reasonably priced.


With unique buffers to ensure stability of the seat on the toilet pan the Pressalit range of ultra strong toilet seats include seats which are especially shaped to offer high levels of comfort, strong stainless steel hinges for a long life, scratch and burn resistant material, raised versions for users who find bending difficult, three shapes of seat to benefit individual needs and a range of colours other than white.

Support Rails


Made of PVC with a 32mm diameter and ribbed surface to give a safe grip the Pressalit grab rail comes in four lengths, a choice of colours, the standard being white, and is also available in kit form for you to make up a shaped grab rail to suit your specific requirements. Unlike metal based grab rails these do not have to be earthed nor will they rust if scratched. An excellent quality and very reasonably priced product.

A wide selection of support arms is offered to suit individual users, their requirements and their bathrooms. Some are padded for comfort, some are in colours other than white, some can be raised and lowered to suit the requirements of different users, some can be moved side to side so that they can, for example, be used beside the toilet and then be instantly moved to beside the washbasin, others which do not require a wall to support them and yet more which can be used on walls which are not very strong. Prices to suit all budgets.

Wash Basin


We offer a range of white wash basins in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be attached to a number of hanging mechanisms to allow them to be raised and lowered. Some of these mechanisms allow for instant adjustment for users with mixed needs and others for tool adjustment for when alteration is required less frequently. Some of them also allow the basin to be moved side to side and others are operated by an easy touch lever or electrical control for users with limited mobility. Flexible plumbing kits are also available.


Many disabled users find a bath, unless a highly specialised model or one with a hoist, very hard to use and hence we do not supply many. However for those who do wish to use a bath we have a walk in model and we also have a number of products to assist with use of a standard bath. These include a bath board which goes across the top of the bath to assist entry and two models of bath chair which are used in the bath.



Ramped and level access shower trays are available in a variety of sizes with shower screens to suit. For use within the shower there are a wide choice of shower seats. Some can be moved up and down and/or side to side, others stand on the floor, others attach to the wall, some have solid seats and others have cut always for easier personal cleaning, some have padded seats for comfort and others are made to be anti-slip and finally some are white and others are a choice of colours.

The Tripp Hygiene Chair, shown here, is one of our selection of mobile shower chairs. The Tripp is specially designed for children and small adults up to 80kg who cannot sit securely on a standard shower chair or toilet seat, the seat can be angled and the castors lock. There are also accessories such as a safety bar, safety belt and head cushion.

For assisted bathing we have the very popular shower and nursing bench that is available in two lengths and is sold as a fixed height or instantly adjustable version where the height is changed by means of a push button control. The bench folds out of the way when not in use and has an optional safety rail and a curtain to prevent the carer from getting splashed.

General Use

Designed for use around the home the Multi Seat is manufactured in a choice of colours and permutations. It provides a handy general seat which can be used around the house. It can be supplied fixed height, with track allowing it to be raised and lowered so that users with differing needs can use it and also with track that enables it to go up and down and from side to side.

We hope that some or all of our bathroom products appeal to you and if you would like information regarding the full range please fill out the enquiry sheet. If you are looking for a product that you do not find here please contact us anyway as we may be able to locate the product for you.

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Kitchen Solutions

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Optiflex Kitchens by CARE DESIGN


Optiflex kitchens for ambulant users – with a little easy adjustment become…


Optiflex kitchens for wheelchair users



High quality adjustable kitchen units at affordable prices made specifically for wheelchair users yet with the appearance of a standard domestic kitchen.

How The System Works

A solid steel rail, called wallrail, is fixed to the wall where units and/or worktops are to be placed. The wall and base units are then hung on the wallrail by means of the hanging brackets fitted to the rear of them which ensures maximum stability. Worktops are then attached to the base units. Where there are no base units but there is worktop support consoles are used to secure the worktop.

Unit Supply & Construction

• All units are designed and manufactured by us in the UK. Each unit is made to order, supplied ready assembled and usual delivery is between 2 and 6 weeks from receipt of written order.

• All kitchens are supplied with full fitting instructions for easy installation and adjustment. • All components to FIRA B.S. 4875 Level 4. • Cam and bolt construction to all units guarantees a strong product. • Concealed extra strong 170 degree hinges.

• Special unit sizes, colours & accessories are available. A small charge may be made for non standard items.


• All doors & carcasses manufactured using quality Kronospan 18mm MFC.
• Carcasses & gables supplied in white but other colours are available on request for a small additional charge.
• Wide range of attractive 18mm doors in 2 price groups to suit all budgets. The group one doors have a decorative melamine face with laminate square edge. Group two doors are also decorative melamine faced but with 3mm PVC rounded trim to all four sides. Within the group two prices we can also supply non standard colours at no extra charge.
• Choice of 128mm “D” handles in 2 price ranges.



  • Worktops can be set at 765 – 965mm from finished floor level.
  • Wall units can be set at 1190 – 1390mm from finished floor level.
  • All wall and base units can be adjusted to 6 heights to suit the exact needs of the user be they ambulant or disabled – no need to fit a new kitchen if the needs of the user or the user changes.

Base & Wall Units

  • The suspension system is constructed of steel.
  • All base units with concealed service ducts.
  • Base units are designed to have gaps beneath when secured to the wall to accommodate wheelchair footplates and to ease cleaning of the floor.

Robust, hygienic, easy access injection moulded drawers with smooth metal runners and safety stop supplied as standard. Metal drawer boxes are also available on request.accessible-kitchen-design3

Tall Units

  • Adjustable legs on all tall housing units with high level of ventilation where required.
  • The oven and fridge housing have movable support shelves so that the appliances can be placed at a height to suit the user.
  • One of the oven housings has a pull out shelf below the oven space to provide a safe area for the removal or hot dishes.

Mobile Trolleys

  • Mobile trolleys with locking castors provide extra storage space and an easy method of transporting food, cutlery etc between kitchen and dining area.


  • High quality worktops are available from 2 price groups. Group 1 has models in 6 colours from the Perstorp Visions range with a 30mm post formed edge. Group 2 has models also in 6 colours and are from the Perstorp Axiom range however these are 40mm with a post formed edge and comply to BS 6222 Part 3 1993. Non standard colours from the same ranges are available on request at no extra charge

Other Items

Other Items

  • For situations where INSTANT HEIGHT VARIATION may be required eg a school or home where there is more than one user and each user has different requirements, we recommend incorporating our units onto manually or electrically operated frames which allow the heights to be altered immediately by means of a winding handle or push button control. We have a wide range of these frames also available.
  • A wide selection of KITCHEN APPLIANCES and PLUMBING ITEMS from leading manufacturers, most of which are particularly intended for disabled users. These products include:-
    • Shallow bowl sinks with heat insulation to the underside
    • ¼ turn taps with different lever lengths
    • Taps with controls which can be mounted to the floor, fascia or worktop
    • Flexible plumbing kits
    • Pop up wastes
    • Thermostatic blending valves.
    • Side opening oven with self supporting shelves
    • Gas, electric and ceramic hobs with controls mounted on the front of the hob or which can be fitted to the fascia
    • Conventional and humidistat extractors
    • Fridges and freezers which can be floor standing or built into units
    • Washing machines
    • Dishwashers
  • To allow for the matching of kitchens within a site we are also able to provide Optiflex in a FIXED HEIGHT version, it has the same high specification but all units are for ambulant users.

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